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With Finished Basements from Markey Windows, Doors, & More, The Possibilities are Endless

Do you have a dank, musty basement that reminds you of a dungeon? Why not convert that space into a customized finished basement with Markey Windows, Doors, & More? Your basement is a realm of nearly limitless possibilities. You could finally have that rec room, home gym, home office, or children’s playroom that you’ve always wanted,  but never had the space for. A finished basement can also add to your home’s market value. Markey Windows, Doors, & More is Manville, New Jersey’s premiere home remodeling and renovation service for all your basement finishing needs. Call today to find out more about transforming your cold, unfinished basement into a brand new addition to your home.

Manville’s Basement Remodeling Experts

Renovating and customizing a basement is a big undertaking, but the payoff is worth it in the end. A basement poses a number of challenges for contractors working to make the space livable, including:

  • Working around obstacles like staircases and support columns, incorporating them seamlessly into the newly redefined space
  • Working with low ceiling space, often filled with important piping and ductwork
  • Creating a well-lit environment in a space that may be partially or entirely underground
  • Working around furnaces, water heaters, and other utility appliances

The contractors at Markey Windows, Doors, & More are the area’s go-to construction service for creating a beautiful finished basement in your Manville home. They can overcome a multitude of construction and design challenges to create the extra living space you’ve always dreamed of.

A Finished Basement Can Be Anything You Want It To Be

When it comes to potential uses for your newly finished basement, your imagination is the limit. Some of the most popular uses for a renovated basement space include:

  • A playroom to give the kids some extra space (and keep them out of your hair)
  • A home gym so you can finally get in shape, without feeling self-conscious in a public facility filled with judgmental eyes
  • A guest suite to give your in-laws space and privacy when they come to visit for the holidays
  • A game room, perfect for a guy’s poker night or for when your kids have their friends over
  • A home theater, a popular option with many cinephiles who want to recreate the big-screen and surround sound of a movie theater experience, in the comfort of their own home

These are only some of the many possibilities for your newly finished basement from Markey Windows, Doors, & More. Call today to find out more, or to ask about an estimate for transforming your dusty old basement into a one-of-the-kind space you can call your own.


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